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Full Automatic Premade Tray Sealing Machine

Applicable for premade trays that are ready for material filling.
Working principle of our machine:The filling of the trays is performed manually or automatically in the loading area.Filled trays are moved on into the sealing chamber by conveyors,where the upper film is applied to the filled trays in the sealing die. The upper film and trays are sealed together with a sealing seam under heat, and then the trays are separated from the upper film by cutting knives,conveyor belt transport the tray out of the machine.
Packaging under vacuum extends the shelf life of products, since the biochemical degradation of the product is slowed down by the removal of the atmosphere. In the production of skin packs, trays and skin films are used that enclose the product tightly and seal the entire surface with the tray. In case of packs with modified atmosphere, the atmosphere in the pack is replaced with a gas mixture matched to the product in order to maintain the form,colour and freshness of the product. This modified atmosphere packaging usually consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.
The diversity of food and its forms of presentation are continually increasing on supermarket shelves. Meanwhile, the demands for the trays in terms of tray shape and materials are also increasing.We design each machine individually to fit specific customer requirements,we produce wide range of packs reliably and efficiently.
This kind of machine only can be designed and produced after we have got your samples of tray/cup.

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  • Applications: 

     All kinds of food,delicatessen,omophagia,meat, snacks,seafood,fruits and vegetables,pickles,animal feed,pharmaceutical,hardware components,etc

    Optional Functions or Equipments:

    1. Vacuum or None-vacuum
    2. Vacuum & Nitrogen filling
    3. Nitrogen producer
    4. Automatic tray loading device
    5. Automatic quantitive filling system
    6. Muti-heads PC scale/weigher

  • Package Sizes:(20-460) x (30-600) mm
    Maximum Tray Depth: 100 mm
    Pumping Rate:100 m³/h
    Gas replacement rate:≥99.5%
    Working speed:600-1500 pcs/h
    Power supply:380V/50HZ
    Power Rate:6.5 KW ~ 7.0 KW
    Dimensions:4500mm X 1200mm X 1800mm
    Free mould:1 set

    Datas are only for reference,actual cases maybe different for different types.

  • PLC&colour touch screen made by Mitsubish.
    Temperature sensors and controllers made by Omron Japan.
    Mobile code spraying system.
    Equipped with cooling system for heat-sealing chamber.
    Power off phase and reverse phase protection.
    Electric leakage protection, automatically cut off power supply when it occur, to protect safety of operators.
    All tray carriers/dies are made of superior aluminium alloy.
    Good quality stainless steel chain from Japan or Italy.
    Pneumatic components from AirTAC Taiwan, key parts from Japan SMC.
    Side plates support made of good quality sus304 stainless steel.
    Pneumatic tensioning mechanism, pneumatic brake, prestress adjustable for top film.
    Mechanical connecting rod/Camshaft drive for lifting support of sealing dies.
    Inverter speed regulating mechanism.
    Converter Motor with 1.5 meter conveyor belt.
    Busch Germany external high vacuum pump(for products with vacuum demand).

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