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Premade Pouch Semi-automatic Vacuum Sealing Machine

The Semi-automatic  Vacuum Pouch Sealer adopts the cam indexing device transmission to replace the traditional motor. Through the Rack and pinion positioning, it has remarkable features of high precision, stable lifting and accurate positioning of the rolling belt. Operators do not need to manually adjust position of the conveyor belt, more time and labor saving;The kind of transmission has some advantages comparing with the traditional connecting rod transmission.No pollution, more energy saving and environmental protection.No special protection with the operation background.The whole machine can be tilted at four angles. It can meet various packaging requirements and is suitable for vacuum packaging of snack foods, pickles, seafood, frozen products, meat products etc.

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  • Adopting Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control system, the man-machine control panel is easy to operate

    The heat sealing cover is made of 20mm thick integral aluminum plate, which is resistant to high pressure and will not deform or crack in long-term use

    Adopt Japanese SMC vacuum valves and pneumatic components ensure high quality of sealing

    With Germany Busch 202 vacuum pump, high vacuum, stable quality

    The equipment is equipped with safety alarm/protection system to avoid accidental injury caused by improper operation

    Operating 3-5 cycles / minute, production efficiency can meet output of small&medium-sized enterprises

    Small cost, small size, easy to move, easy to operate, simple maintenance

  • Item

    Data  (For Type BE-1000)

    Packaging efficiency

    900-2400 bag/hour

    Vacuum pump delivery

    200 m³/h

    Power supply

    380 V/50Hz

    Total power

    6 Kw

    Total weight

    400 kg approx.


    1800 * 1200 * 1650 mm

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