Welcome to the Website Beier Automatic Equipment Factory !

We are committed to produce best quality of products & strive hard for consumer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements. We offer informations about package and machinery before making special offer.We are happy to provide package design service with the request of customers.Users can customize machine functions,appearance or other requests within acceptable range.

About Installation:We have multiple installation services including online guiding,telephone communication,onsite engineering service.Services of online guiding&telephone communication are always free of charge.Our quotation do not include any costs related to people overseas cases,include: journey,board & lodging(accommodation) and subsidy.Please contact us for details if related services are demanded.

Products warranty:Whole machine has one-year warranty. Any problems caused by our party within one year from the date of arrival at your port, we provide free spare parts for the repairment,and guide you through the whole process of replacement or repair. Out of the period of warranty, we provide spare parts or maintenance services under the customers' costs, the users should pay for related costs, including costs of spare parts, delivery,overseas engineering services(if necessary), etc. Other cases can be negotiated by both sides(the buyer and the seller).