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Stand-up Premade Pouch Auto Sealing Machine

It is also called Premade Bag Filling Sealing Machine,applicable for premade pouchs ready for materials filling &sealing. It is better for us to get your bag/pouch samples before we design and produce this product.
This type of packing machine can continuously and automatically fetch and open bags by a series of suction cups and a pair of mechanical hands with help of a blow pipe,then automatically complete vacuumizing and pouch sealing,automatically print date&batch number.If equipped with automatic quantitive filling system,it can realize fully automatic actions of filling and packing and sealing.The whole process is controlled by mitsubishi PLC, and the touch screen is also mitsubishi product,if abnormal cases occur,such as none pouch or empty pouch,or other abnormal cases, PLC monitor and judge all the situations on real time, take corresponding measures then output controlling signals to let relevant parts act or none act to avoid waste and keep high efficiency.

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  • Package Sizes:(100-260) x (60-180) mm
    Packing speed: 2000-2400 pouch/h
    Compressed air:0.6MPa - 0.8MPa
    Compressed air flow rate:12 m³/h
    Cooling water:≥0.15MPa
    Power supply:220V/380V/400V/415V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
    Power Rate:15 KW
    Dimension:2700mm X 2700mm X 2700mm
    Vacuum Pumping Rate:260 m³/h

  • Vacuum pumps 2 LEYBOLD Germany & 1 ZD Shanghai.
    PLC,AC servo drivers&colour touch screen made by Mitsubish
    Temperature sensors and controllers made by Omron Japan.
    Power off phase and reverse phase protection
    Electric leakage protection system, automatically cut off the power supply when it occur, to protect safety of operators.
    Pneumatic components,vacuum valves from Japan SMC.
    Equipped with code printer.

    Functions Optional: Vacuum or none-vacuum / Automatic quantitive filling system

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